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CIRCYOULAR® helps you to identify and secure the motivation of your teams and to ensure a long-term increase in performance.

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A motivated team drives your business forward. For you, this means one thing above all: you need to know the conditions under which your team performs best. But looking at the collective as such is not enough. You need to look deeper and recognise and understand the motivation of each individual member. CIRCYOULAR® enables you to do just that, providing transparency into individual motivation, the drivers behind each personality's specific behaviour, and how you can effectively harness these dynamics to move your business forward.

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Step by step: 



Each participant receives a digital questionnaire to fill in.



The results are then evaluated by the CIRCYOULAR® platform.



Each participant then receives a personal evaluation of the results, which is explained and analysed by a CIRCYOULAR® | MASTER".



The CIRCYOULAR® | MASTER is now optimally prepared for the training session with the participants and can focus on their strengths.



With the insights and results gained, teams can now work together more harmoniously and successfully.



Results improve, time can be used more efficiently, for example for more personal development, which increases overall effectiveness.

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What is

CIRCYOULAR® is a motivation analysis platform based on scientific findings. Fact: we are all motivated. But very few people know WHAT motivates them. CIRCYOULAR® addresses this by creating a so-called DRIVES DNA based on individual motivators (DRIVES). A tailor-made localisation of motivation that makes it easier to understand certain situations - whether in a one-to-one conversation, in a team or in the whole company. 


What does

Based on an analysis of various parameters, CIRCYOULAR® first and foremost creates understanding for one another and thus enables us to appreciate the individual strengths and drivers of our fellow human beings. At the same time, CIRCYOULAR® reveals tensions and, above all, potentials that enable constructive and goal-oriented communication - from managers to employees and applicants.


Who uses 

Wherever people work together, CIRCYOULAR® is the ideal solution for sustainably motivated teams. CIRCYOULAR® focuses primarily on companies and organisations, but does not differentiate between managers, employees or applicants in terms of effectiveness. On the contrary, the methodology behind CIRCYOULAR® analyses individual drives and motivations, regardless of the position of the person concerned. It is therefore used in leadership, employee and team development and is a powerful tool for managers, HR departments, trainers and consultants.

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Motivating through understanding - that's what CIRCYOULAR® is all about. With our CIRCYOULAR®| ANALYSIS you will not only get to know your customers and participants better, you will actually be on the same wavelength. The personal analysis at the outset enables you to achieve results that would otherwise take a lot more effort to achieve, and removes barriers to your ability to communicate. CIRCYOULAR® is a 'door opener' that allows you to enter without waiting. The new way to boost motivation.
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